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Videos - Photography - Animations


We've always wanted to make content and we've had quite a start creating cinematics since 2017. We plan to expand to include other things like photography, renders, film, animation, and even publishing. More details can be found below. You can support us by liking, sharing, and leaving a comment on any of our works. Following is enough in most cases, but if you feel the urge to support us more, pledge on our Patreon page!

What do we do?
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We produce 360° videos. These videos are uploaded in UHD (3840x2160) at 60FPS and they are best viewed on a mobile device, on any of the following platforms listed below.

We use a wide selection of third-party programs including Blender and Cinema4D to render scenes created externally or within the program. Most of the high resolution images are exclusive to this website.

We made a few shorts. These take forever to film and produce so they will be rare projects between the others.

We produce an original or remix every now and then.

Real life photography taken on the Sony a7iii and in-game photography captured at the best possible quality can be found here. Most of the high resolution images are exclusive to this website.

We are in the process of writing a series of books with the end goal of self-publishing them.

We plan to start producing animations sometime as an extension to the renders in Cinema4D. We will be using Minecraft as a base to start because all the assets are easily found or purchased online, but we may expand.